Client & Public Relations

Client & Public Relations

Based in Austin, Texas, MPRESS Public Relations and Consulting provides opinion, advice, counsel and deliberates together on your targeted relationships.

Relationships are valued by everyone. We all have that certain client on our radar:

“A past way of business thinking has been letting our clients come to us.”

“I know the client will see our website.”

“Oh, he knows our business.”

Yes, the client can visit your website and see your message, but how does the client really get to know your company and team? Better yet, how does your company get to know that company as a targeted relationship?

What if you need to troubleshoot public relations for an existing client? What about your community relations? By rethinking the relationship process, we redefine our relationship management skills for our client base. A successful business relationship is made with a customized plan for our targeted audience. It is a highly networked team effort with a consulting public relations and marketing strategy in place before you meet at the conference table.

Work with MPRESS consulting strategies to take your connections to the next level… a relationship. We will team with you to provide the tools and strategies to make the business connection you desire, while keeping value in place.



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